The Artist and the Company

Hello! My name is Danielle Heslep and I am a graphic designer and artist. I’m located in Alachua, Florida and graduated with honors from the Digital Media Technology Graphic Design program at Santa Fe College. I think, live, and breathe art and design and love helping others experience that same joy. In 2018, I took my passion a step further and founded Danielle Heslep Art & Design, LLC because I want to create and help others for the rest of my life.

You know what the best part about being a graphic designer and artist is? It’s helping people visualize their dreams. It’s about the experience and thrill of creating with one another and making our wild ideas happen. It’s about being a part of that moment when others can finally see the very thing that they have dreamed about coming into reality—I thrive on that and that is why I love what I do. Let’s dream and create together!